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Lets Settle This Now!! Where Should Cristiano Ronaldo Go If He Leaves Real Madrid?

Following the recent allegations of tax evasion leveled against Real Madrid’s Christiano Ronaldo, the 32 year old football star seems to be upset about his good character being questioned after 8 years of handwork and dedication to the Spanish club.

Having denied the allegations, a close source has revealed that Ronaldo is very sad and upset about the whole issue and wants to leave Real Madrid this summer.

Will Ronaldo Really leave? If so, where to?

LA Galaxy could be one of his potential destination but the advisers of the Portuguese forward would prefer him to stay in Europe, either moving to Paris St-Germain or returning to the Premier League.

In a situation whereby the 4 times World Footballer decides to opt for a premiere league return, there is always a place for him at his former club, Manchester United.

Meanwhile, PSG are already showing interest in signing Cristiano Ronaldo this summer as his agent was spotted in a secret meeting with the club president.

Below are the 3 Clubs Ronaldo may likely join if he finally declares his intention to leave Real Madrid:-

⚽ LA Galaxy


⚽ Man United

⚽ He Should Remain At Real Madrid..

A return to Manchester United may mean, Ronaldo is fulfilled with his career achievements so far and has decided to seek adoration by making a legendary move to his Former Club. If he should snub Manchester United for PSG, that means Ronaldo is still in for further challenge against his nearest challenger, Lionel Messi While a move to LA Galaxy will be a very obvious money making move for him.

The question now is, at this stage of Cristiano Ronaldo’s career, Do you think he should even leave Real Madrid at all?

Okay, If he really wants to leave, Which club would be the best option for him to go? LA Galaxy, PSG or Man United?

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