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Watch The Video Of The Boy Who Was Stripped Naked And Taking Round The Village For Stealing a Piano From a Newly Build Church In Yenagoa, Bayelsa State

The incident took place during the early hour of today, at about 8am. The boy was allegedly caught by the vigilanty group trying to steal a piano from a church in Agudama-Epie, a community in yenagoa who has a strong rules and regulations protecting it kingdom.

The young man who was caught in the act of stealing happened to be a

victim of one of the rule who started that “any one who steal or caught trying to steal anything will be strip naked and taking round the village with a smashing 36 strokes of cane”.

The boy was taking stripped naked and he was taking round the village as the low implies. This should be a very big lesson to other people in the community. Watch the full video of the incident below.


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