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MUSIC: Ebikefe Okoyen -Stand up “We are one


STAND UP “We Are One” is a Unifying Anthem basically for the Izons, Bayelsans and the Niger Deltans at large and its cut-across Political Party affiliation, States and Economic Concerns across the Niger Delta Region Bayelsa In particular, also complimenting the Struggles of “Our Heroes Past” In building  the Niger Delta.

The Anthem STAND UP “We Are One” is composed for us to know that after our Struggles and Tussles for Political Power, we as a people should still stand together as one body to fight for the development of our land, the Izon-Nation and the Niger Delta at large.The Anthem was composed and sang by EBIKEFE OKOYEN featuring Wisdom Kaboufou, Allison Tariprido and Thursday Victoria Seidougha and Directed by Godwin Beweiya Godwin.

Verse 1:

Izon people we are strong

We can’t lose our sight

We all have one goal

We can’t lose our fight

We are blessed with all the riches

So let us build a land within

We won’t fight ourselves for politics

If we stand together, As One……

Verse 2:

Bayelsa otu mo

Ose kani woni mo

When we live as one

We will win our course

We’re the pride of the Nations

We’re the glory of all lands

We are small so they say

But we’re mighty in his hands


Let us stand together; we all have our parts to play

So we can grow in Love and Peace (oh) my brothers and sisters

But in all we need is love love love love (love love)

(Oh) Our Heroes has done their part (oh oh oh)

But their legacy can only be deserved

If we stand, As One………


We are one Bayelsa

We are one Niger Delta

We are one Izon-Nation

Let us stand together

We are one Bayelsa

We are one Niger-Delta

We are one Izon-Nation

When we stand, We Will Win…….





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