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25-year-old Jobless School Leaver Commits Suicide In Imo

Chigozie, a secondary school leaver had been unable to secure a job years after leaving school and this reportedly left him frustrated. Friends said he had complained bitterly days before his death, saying his sufferings had become unbearable. Before he hung himself, he left a note.
It read:

“Die, die, die. Let no body weep for me because, I am tired of this wicked world.”

The nation reports that the deceased’s family members, friends and relations were gathered as at the scene when journalists visited. His mother, Mrs. Antonia Igwe, was in tears and constantly spoke to her dead son.
She said: “Chigozie, is it the way you chose to leave this world? Remember that you have committed an abomination and you will go to the worst part of hell”.

Before the body of Chigozie could be untied for burial, certain traditional rites must be observed because the deceased committed a taboo, which if left would hunt the family lineage, locals said.

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