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THE SOUTHERN LEGEND: The tale of Chiff Timz.

Chiff Timz

With little or no means of recouping investment, yet putting everything they own in to their craft, those in the business of entertaining in Bayelsa have shown how determined and dogmatic they are. Even in the absence of corperate bodies, endorsement deals and mega shows, which evidently are present in other states for entertainers there to enjoy, the average Bayelsan entertainer has sworn never to give up. One of such persons is the man dem a call Chiff Timz (Gboluseri Timipre Samuel).

I first met Chiff Timz in 2010 at A.M.S. studios and took a liking to him. While he and A.M.S. discussed at length the challenges facing the budding Bayelsan entertainment industry and what could be the solution to this pressing issue, i spent my time jotting down a few things in my memory jotter.
“This guy is different from the most. I like his spirit and would like to be friends with him,” i said.
Three years later my obsession with Chiff Timz’s person took me to his studio. I couldn’t conceal my excitement, as this was a classic case of dream come true. There I met Pakiss10, Yawng Boss and this other dude who seemed happy just for breathing. Pakiss10 really had time on his hands because his intentions to make me feel at home was noticed; he played a couple of soon-to-be-released songs for me, and, to crown it all, he rapped, for me – thanks Paki.

While Pakiss10 and I were in our zone, Chiff Timz walked in, the aura of greatness in him was noticeable. The conversation we had became a blessing to me as I learned a not-so-obvious fact about life from him, which is, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Yes! The name Chiff Timz is synonymous

with quality. This fact can be identified in the way and manner he carries himself. Yes! Chiff Timz, to some, is one of the pioneer producers in the state, but to a larger group, he’s more than that. He’s a fighter; he’s visionary; he’s industrious, and more. You can’t be in his presence and not be overwhelmed by his steady complaints about the harsh and undesirable treatment Bayelsan entertainers are getting. In fact, this constant talk on the marginalization of the average Bayelsan entertainer hasn’t left the heart of Chiff Timz, even after all these years.

It would take a period of five years for both of us to meet again. This time i had sneaked up on him, at his new studio. It was a surprised visit and we both loved the effect it brought. After exchanging pleasantries, we got down to serious business. Chiff Timz let me into his world: A world away from the usual Timz; a world where his creative juices overflowed its banks – it ‘was’ his upcoming album. Well, Chiff Timz has been working night and day to give his fans (and would-be-fans) the very best of his offering. The term ‘Afrobeats’, has, for long, been alien to acts from this side. While acts in other states have embraced this phenomenon with both hands, acts from this side are yet to hop on the Afrobeats train. The ‘Afrobeats From The South’ album is about to usher in a new narrative.

Subsequent meetings would mean we would tour the state. I had made another impromptu stop at Timz’s place one Monday morning, but, ironically, he had his day all planned out.
“Get in the car, Garbi.” He ordered.

Without any hesitations, i hopped in and we zoomed off to Ekaz/Dreamcent Studios, which, on the arrival of us, was undergoing maintenance. This became an opportunity to maximize; suddenly, a quick check on his car was paramount. Again we zoomed off, this time, to Mechanic Village, (a car maintenance station in Bayelsa), and back to Ekaz/Dreamcent studios, by this time, all was set for the session.

Friends With Benefit Studio Session.

Now, i had been initiated early on into the pleasures of listening to some of the tracks on the ‘Afrobeats From The South’ album, but never did i imagine how beautiful the processes of bringing each song to materialization were. I watched with interest as Chiff Timz, Ekaz beats and Dreamcent put their heads in one creative hall to make do with every available inspiration; every tweak, every adlip, every take and retake, and, every vocal pitch that could be discovered, was tirelessly sought after. Chiff Timz’s vision for the album was solid.

In Friends With Benefits Chiff Timz goes all urban: This track is so wavy; the fusion of Hip-hop elements and Afrobeats combined with his soothing vocals makes this track so appealing. Permit me to say: This is a song for the big boys; clubs be waiting for this.

In Egobeta Chiff Timz becomes a spokesman for the downtrodden majority; this track sits well with anyone who’s on the receiving end of government incompetence – Yes! As usual, we blame the government. Anyway, the effect of your suffering is drastically reduced as soon as the chorus comes on, ‘E go beta E go beta/na every man prayer.’

In Fall 4 You Chiff Timz is all about love; his love interest is given no room to doubt the authenticity of his confession. This is easily my favourite song on the album. And oh! You need to hear what Yawng Boss and Timz Entertainment only signee, Vicki Jazz, did on this song.

– Get the album and discover all the tracks embedded in it.

 Going by the title of the album, one would strongly believe that the production team is an assemblage of creatives from different states of the nation. But this isn’t the case. As paradoxical as this may sound, Chiff Timz’s team is a collection of production badasses in the state. Some names worthy of mention are: Chiff Timz, D.M.P., Abiri, Ekaz beatz, Dreamcent, and a host of others.

Chiff Timz performing at Poverty Must Die.

                  MY TAKE ON THIS ON THIS PROJECT:

Afrobeats From The South is a masterpiece; in the years to come, it would serve as role model to future Bayelsan/Niger Deltan artistes, and it would create a birth of a new genre of music called Afro-Owigiri.
P.S. Chiff Timz is working on a genre he calls Afro-Owigiri; which is a blend Dancehall, Fuji and Owigiri. He intends to feature some Owigiri artistes.
He also has a Gospel – Raggae album in the works titled Son of Jah (SOJ) and he just signed a mega deal with a distribution company in Lagos (details yet to be disclosed).


– Best Producer, BMAA 2016 (Norminated).
– Song Of The Year, Niger Delta Notice Awards 2016 (Winner).
– Booker’s Choice Awards 2017 (Recognition).
– Entertainment Icon, Bayelsa Youth Leadership Awards 2016/2017.
– Best Producer, BMAA 2017 (Norminated).
– Best Collaboration, BMAA 2017 (Winner).
– Booker’s Choice Awards 2017 (Recognition).
– Next Rated, Niger Delta, Nigeria Honours Award 2018 ( Norminated).
Contact Chiff Timz via:
WhatsApp – +2348103287586
Instagram – @chiff_timz_tdg
Twitter – @timzchiff
Facebook Page – TimzEntertainment

Garbi Clinton Egba (C3 Garbi)
is an artiste, freelance writer and motivator.
You can reach him on
Facebook: Garbi Clinton Egba,
Follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @c3garbi,
WhatsApp: +2348117180159.

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