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VIDEO: Chiff Timz – Caro [Official Video]

A man in love is bound to do every imaginable(and, sometimes, unimaginable things) to win the love of his object. As they say “love

comes with sacrifices” and Chiff Timz is no stranger to this fact. In Caro, Chiff Timz plays the role of the lover who would go the length and breadth of the earth just to prove how unfading his love is. The depth of this song can be acknowledged yet unfathomable. This is the true definition of the Afrobeats Genre; Chiff Timz’s legendary status is concrete right here. Caro will sit up there in there in the league of Afrobeats songs. Caro was produced by Chiff Timz Mixing was done by Abiri Video directed by Inimeya Isaiah for (INMEXFILMZ)

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