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on this track Timz did a unique cover of Falz sweet boys association anthem, and what makes this dancehall cover very unique is it’s difference in language and d unique punchlines delivered on this track..
And to crown it all ITI for Inimexfilmz gave it a crazyly but amazing visual that has got everyone talking.. Download, watch and enjoy
Ig @Chiff_timz_tdg
Twitter @chiff_timz
Fb @TimzEntertainmennt
[12/5, 5:04 PM] T Dg: CHIFF TIMZ (SBA)
Boy weya sweet weya sweet
Boy weya fi cuz stare wen imma walk dong d street
Boy weya fi make gyal and gyal have ah beef
Boy weya guh make ur gyal cheat
Fine boy seh me swag no be force
Broke buh me deh spend anna floss
Even ur boss wan seh imma roll with us
Steal ah gyal from a man weya pull up Inna Porsche
Nuffa gyal dema dead fi me dab
Pon dem dp ah suh dem take I man dey brag
Long dread, nuff beard, and d jeans wey me sag
Outanational boss, ah who who d gyal Dema drag
Sweet boy, fresh boy,  soon seh woola dem ah gwan call me rich boy
Inna d club dema call me d Sabbi boy
Gucci and d dolce know seh Timzy is ah clean boy
Sweet boy pon a soft work
Just Like Falz na d gyal Dema rush us
Hushpuppi, Dangote, ah go buzz us
Kim Kardashian stand in line just just to touch us
concert presidents nai dey watch us
Me dough on d rise even devil cyant pause us
Big man nah police affi guide us
From birth manna sweet, tell me who no go like us
want to be like us,
even dem muma wana wife us,
seh manna dope datta y dem wan fi light us
Money ah dey high us,. Suh make unu nah try us..  Awoah


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